Introduction to the company

The name of the company has derived its origin from a tiny village named b-o-lane in Taiwan. As this region has been known as the birth location of renowned magistrates during the Qing Dynasty, the Imperial Court granted it with the name b-o-lane, which represented the monumental historical legacies of its heritage. At the preliminary discovery stage of this business, Mr. Peng who directed the operation of b-o-lane as the General Manger of the company was initially hoping to inherit the family’s commercial traditions in tea trade and promote this foundation on to a higher platform. However, the conscious awareness of Taiwan’s absence in bidet shower under the overwhelming impact of globalization in the sphere of electronic consumer products influenced the decision of Mr. Peng to progress along an entirely different line of specialization. Convinced by the desires of becoming the spearheading vanguard of this innovative operation, the first locally made-in-Taiwan toilet shower brand – the E’LOO was introduced.

Approaching from the perspective of a joint, coherent transnational market, the majority of the users of toilet showers are presently concentrated in Japan. In other words, the numerous unchartered regions dotted around the globe could be perceived as potential markets for further explorations. At the same time, as the phenomenon of high substitution rate among electronic consumer products continues to prevail, it is only logically possible to hypothesize that the reliance upon toilet shower as a conventional daily usage product would be maintained and transmitted to the next generation once this behavior has been established and consolidated as a habitual practice. Henceforth, it must be stated that the evolution of b-o-lane has firmly withstood various conceptual challenges and has proven its superb lineage through the elapse of time. The capacity and capability of the b-o-lane in confronting various environmental and social changes has testified its success with the E’LOO as a universal legend that proudly enabled Taiwan to own its first toilet shower brand under the context of both a global perspective and a local concept.

In short, the toilet shower represented for the founder of the b-o-lane much more than just a business adventure. It symbolized as well for a determined ideal that promoted the pursue for happiness. The dream of becoming the first locally branded Taiwanese toilet shower manufacturer was elegant surprise for the life of Mr. Peng.

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