The term E’LOO was crystallized by the combination of the word “electronic” and “loo” (bathroom). Engineered by the combination of Taiwan’s superior technology and the creativity of post-modern art, E’LOO was able to revolutionize the present latrine culture by blending these plain daily life activities with a colorful touch of art and taste. Spearheaded by these advantages, the E’LOO was able to expand into the sphere of global competition with our emphasis upon the need to venerating fundamental humanistic principles. By understanding the attitude, demands, and preference of our customers E’LOO not only evolved into a prestigious brand that received wide international recognition but also became the favorite choice for the process of original equipment manufacture by Western nations. Finally, equipped by its clear-cut exterior design and hidden, the natural beauty engendered by E’LOO’s concept of simplicity is suitable to accommodate the sizes of all toilets. It can be even perceived that the elegance and taste of E’LOO which ultimately gives rise to a refreshing kind of modern sensation will make something as simple and mundane as attending your natural needs feel like a high-class ballroom party. It is simply so joyful! It is simply so comforting !

The E’LOO for Health

Maintaining a healthy body is indeed a common wish for us all; it is also the ideal virtue targeted by the E’LOO. With a reliable, hygienic design and operating methods that tailors your instincts, the E’LOO derives you better physical health and a happier mental body. Please allow the E’LOO to enter your life today and together enjoy a healthy life that is free of burdens.

The E’LOO for Technology

With a rational concept that addresses your natural humanistic instincts and the continuous effort of our Product Development Team, the E’LOO utilizes the various blessings of the modern technology to create for you the simplest operating experience to fulfill the needs of your entire family.

The E’LOO for Aesthetics

Blending a creative tender touch of fine art into the rational precision of engineering, the E’LOO is dedicated to seek a sound balance between usability and mechanical beauty. Deriving its principles from the needs of human sensation, the E’LOO defined its own definition for with its elegant exterior lines and polished detailed touch. Please allow the E’LOO to serve as the most competent spokesman for your superior taste.

The E’LOO for Nature

As we encounter the rapidly deteriorating natural environment, we can learn to seek a balance between our hearts and souls in addition to the fulfillment of our duties as responsible citizens of the Earth. We may initiate this campaign through the sustainment of a healthy body and allow our lives to become simpler and easier. Please allow E’LOO to serve your intimate partner and work towards a fulfilling life together !

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