Features of our products

Determined for Cleanness

The slogan of “Absolute cleanness” is a position that the o-b-lane have always strived to uphold. Through the use of gentle wash with warm water to clean one’s private part after attending to one’s needs have not only improved significantly one’s hygienic level on a personal level but may also serve as an effective means of protection against various transmitted diseases and bacterial infection. The determination of the b-o-lane to fulfill its mission statement has received wide applause from users all over the world. At the current moment, the b-o-lane is also serving the public with the same determined attitude that aims to provide only the best possible service as we would sincerely like to receive your recognition too.

A Tailored Design on a Personal Level

  • Toilet seats that have been valued to be the safest, most energy efficient and the most durable in terms of its years of service
  • A highly mechanized power-out design that effectively detects and resolves power leakage. All circuit boards polished with anti-water protection
  • An energy efficient design that automatically turns off the water valve after five minutes
  • A highly comfortable design that tailors innate physical anatomy of that of a human being through the reduction of numbness of the legs from sitting
  • A green light stand-by design that consumes only 3 watts while the usage of an electric heater at the same constant rate consumes at least 10 watts
  • A extremely energy friendly device that consumes less than 1 kilowatt under the rate of a full-day usage (one kilowatt costs around 2 ~ 2.6 dollars)

Recognition for Professionalism

  • Our products have received numerous patents such as an Exterior Design Patent from China, a New Outlook Patent from the United States, a Product Patent from Japan, and a New Outlook Patent from Taiwan.
  • Our products have received the Outstanding Achievement Certificate from USA IAPMO
  • Our products have passed ISO 9002, EMC Certification of Europe, UL Certification of the United States, and CE Certification of Europe
  • Best guarantee for quality from our sales records in the American, Japanese, and European markets

Better Care and More Tenderness from the Frontal Automatic Nozzle Washing Design for Women

Our products have been specifically designed to meet the hygienic needs of women particularly for the tender care that are required during the menstrual and pregnancy periods. Through the means of washing with warm water by a gentle stream nozzle our products keeps your body clean and prevents bacterial infection at the same time. In only 15 seconds our products will provide you with better care and gratifying comfort with its automatic nozzle washing design that ultimately offer your better cleanness and hygiene.

Posterior Cleaning Suitable for Your Entire Family

The unique circular angle nozzle design that produces concentrated and spraying swirls of water which ultimately promotes cleanness and blood circulation with its massaging effects. As the area of spraying enlarges with this new design our products may not only serve as a massaging device but may also enhance blood circulation to produce an all new feeling of “absolute cleanness”. In other words, they can also apply a SPA to your buttocks.

Four Level Temperate Controlled installed for the Toilets Seats that Keep You Warm throughout the Winter

Attending your basic needs during a cold night or at the peak of the winter may often become such a troublesome business when placed in front of an icy toilet seat. The Four Level Temperate Control device installed into our products can actually alter such environment into a form of enjoyment with the warm comfort that they provide. The Four different levels of temperature settings are: (Off) Room Temperature (Low) 34˚C (Medium) 38˚C (High) 40˚C. The users may adjust the seats to their preferred temperature in accordance with the external weather conditions as well as their personal needs.

A Special Germ-Resistant Plastic that Provides 24 hours Protection

The main components of the toilet seats and the nozzles are constructed by a special germ-resistant plastic that offers up to 99.8% of anti-bacterial protection as indicated by clinically-tested reports. They may be easily cleaned by a combination of water and neutral anti-detergents which greatly simplifies the task of cleaning.

Automatic Sit-On Activation Switch

The automatic sit-on activation switch prevents water from spilling if someone activates the frontal and posterior wash buttons while the toilet seat remains unoccupied. On the other hand, the toilet activates itself automatically and literally saves you the trouble of turning it “on” each time when you hope to use it. In short, the automatic sit-on activation switch obliterates your worries about water wastes and wetting the floors. 

Gradual Descending Soft-Closing Promotes Safety while Creating No Noise

Both the toilet seats and its lids were designed with the ability to descend softly and gradually. This function enables you to prevent from damaging our product or creating unnecessary noise when using it particularly at night.

Anti-Fog Design Increases the Life Span and the Safety of the Product

The exterior of the toilet seats are covered and polished with a silicon layer that enhances both the degree of safety and our products’ anti-fog capabilities.

Seats that Conforms to the Innate Design of the Human Physiological Structure

The shape of our toilet seats conforms well to the innate design of the human physiological structure. The natural curve inserted to the design of our seats aligns comfortably with the shape of our legs which ultimately decreases the extent of discomfort during long periods of usage. 

Strong Resistance against Detergents Makes Our Products Durable for Cleaning

The germ resistant plastic that is utilized to construct our toilet seats and lids combines well with the commonly found neutral detergents that may be easily located in every household. With its extra layer of protection augmented by anti-bacteria materials, our products may efficiently prevent the growth of various types of germs that includes colon bacillus and  staphylococcus.

The Water Cistern Anti-Over Operation Device Promotes Safety

The water cisterns of our products are equipped with a floating ball switch that automatically turns off the internal heater when the water level fails to reach the boundary of safety. This measure that effectively prevents the water cistern from over-operating ensures absolute safety.

The Anti-Over Heating Temperate Control Device

In cases where the temperate detector fails to operate, the anti-over heating temperate control device installed into our bidet showers may automatically function as a backup measure that counters against the potential dangers of over-heating as the water temperature is forcibly controlled to below 50℃.

The Anti-Water Safety Electronic Circuit Board

The high level of humidity that has originated from Taiwan’s hot and humid sub-tropical weather as result of the nation’s geographical location often causes electronic malfunctioning since the toilets are usually built within the bathrooms. As an effective counter-measure to this problem, the electronic circuit boards of our products have received the highest degree of attention with its silicon cover that tackles water spillage and a humid environment.

The Automatic Anti-Electrical Leakage Disconnection Device

It is not uncommonly that electrical leakage prevail a humid bathroom under extenuating circumstances. The automatic anti-electrical leakage disconnection device of our products may disconnect the power the prevent from accidental electrocution when the voltage pressure reaches 15mA.

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